Australia is blessed with breathtaking landscapes, wonderful year-round weather, and golden beaches.

This country takes pride in its world-renowned lifestyle, and plenty of room to relax and escape the crowd, making it one of the travelers’ favorite destinations.


A lot of travelers across the world fell in love with Sweden because of its perfect combination of hip cities, beautiful wilderness, culture and people, and Scandi cool.

Besides, the locals are known for their work-life balance and always want to feel productive.


Phenomenal weather, colorful daytime activities, exciting nightlife, and gorgeous landscapes are some of the top reasons why travelers keep on visiting Canada.

This country nailed the happiness metrics with its small population, high expectancy, and extraordinary destinations.


According to the 2013 UNICEF report, Dutch children were rated as the happiest in the world based health, safety, and educational well-being. Besides, Dutch people enjoy biking through windmill laden landscapes and the iconic tulips.


Swiss citizens enjoy direct democracy, which involved an unparalleled sense of participation in the evolution of the country, from human rights decisions to new traffic light rules.
This country is a cheerful place because of its booming economy, educational services, favorable tax regime, and extraordinary infrastructure.


Icelanders feel that they have a fellow citizen to count on when things get rough, and they can even manage the city to the countryside to keep them unfazed.

This fair, peaceful country has among the happiest locals in the world, thanks to its free education and healthcare, and low tax.


The combination of a thriving economy, a well-integrated government welfare system, social support, and responsible natural resources contributed to the overall happiness of this country. Other than being one of the most beautiful counties in Europe, Norway has locals who always smile.


Greece is among the most favorite destinations of you want to see happy people while exploring its natural beauty.

According to Conde Nast Traveller readers, this is the world’s best county and top destination in 2018.


Finland has a consistent ranking in terms of a successful educational system, especially the pedagogical system that focuses on equal opportunity and more experiential learning.

And the winner is… Italy

With long Mediterranean coastline, remarkable architecture designs, and a powerful mark on Western cuisine and culture, Italy draws smiles not just to the locals but also to the visitors.

From the booming economy to enticing landmark art and ancient ruins, the locals are undoubtedly happy.