The Deadliest Tourist Attractions in the World

Most people enjoy relaxing on their vacations, but others crave the adrenaline rush that goes with death-defying experiences. Sounds exciting — except these adventures can quickly go wrong, resulting in life-threatening injuries. Worst case scenario? Some tourists find themselves reaching their final destination. Despite the scary and tragic stories, daring travelers can’t seem to stay away from these dangerous destinations. Here are the deadliest tourist attractions in the world.

10 Pink Lakes From Around The World

Oftentimes, a lake is pink from the presence of algae that produce organic pigments that give off a pink hue. Other lakes, like the famous Lake Retba in Senegal, get their beautiful hues from a very high concentration of salt. Pink lakes can be found across all corners of the globe. Below, we look at some of the world's most noteworthy examples.

8 Of The World’s Weirdest Flowers

While all flowers are beautiful in their own special way, some really stand out. Below are 7 of what I think are some of the most unusual flowers in the world.

9 of the World’s Most Unusual Trees

We reveals the most unusual, iconic and intriguing trees on the planet, and where you can see them for yourself...

10 Best Places to Swim with Sharks

Here is our list of ten best locations if you want to test your bravery and experience swimming with sharks.

10 Travel Destinations That Test Your Physical Strength And Courage

Breaking out of the comfort zone and pushing our boundaries is highly rewarding. The only question is, are you feeling up to the challenge?

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dive Sites in The World

There is nothing more exciting than being in places that other divers won’t visit due to the harsh currents, narrow spaces and deepest depths. Here are the most exhilarating, challenging and most of all dangerous dive sites in the world. These dive sites are not for the faint-hearted!

Most Impressive Ancient Egyptian Temples

This list of ancient Egyptian Temples covers a huge variety of different structures that evolved over an enormous period of time and an Egypt tour wouldn’t be complete without visiting at least one of these temples.

10 Strange & Unusual Beaches in Greece

Let’s explore 10 of the most weird, wonderful, and unusual beaches in Greece – from bizarre volcanic formations on Milos to red sand on Santorini, orange clay on Kefalonia, and white pebbles on Thassos.

10 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World

In selecting our picks for the world's most beautiful rivers, we considered a number of factors beyond simply length and historical significance. For us, these rivers offer stunning natural beauty and make for excellent vacation destinations. These are our picks for 10 of the most beautiful rivers in the world.

Spiaggia Rosa – The Pink Beach of Italy

The lustrous pink paradise of the Mediterranean is threatened to lose its lone inhabitant and caretaker.

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