10 Most Beautiful Beaches on Rhodes

The Greek island of Rhodes is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for sun-seekers and beach lovers. But not all beaches on the island are created equal – particularly if you prefer sand.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the Ionian Islands

If you’re heading to the Ionians for the beaches (which is quite likely) then these are the top 10 most spectacular you’ll want to check out.

10 Beautiful Secret Beaches in Greece

Sometimes you just want to get away from the crowds and discover your own Robinson Crusoe beach. And Greece certainly obliges – there are hundreds of stunning secluded beaches that require a boat or a hike to get to, so chances are it will be just you and your beach towel.

10 Best Sandy Beach Resorts in Greece

Looking for the best resorts in Greece with sandy beaches? It can be a bit of a needle-in-a-haystack challenge as many Greek beaches are pebbly or a mix of pebble and sand. Some that look great in photos are not so soft in real life.

Which are the Best Greek islands for Beaches?

All of the Greek islands have their own unique charm, but what are the best Greek islands for beaches?

7 Best Places To Live in Greece for Expats

Before you purchase another tourist guidebook or read another expat blog post, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the best places for expats to live in Greece. These destination cities are known for their supportive expat communities and abundant job opportunities.

Top 10 Places You Should Visit in Mainland Greece

Mainland Greece is undoubtedly the top destination for those who are drawn to ancient ruins and other symbolic places from Greece’s classical period, as well as splendid museums, amphitheaters, and sanctuaries.

Best Places For Americans To Live, Invest, Work In Europe

Based on various criteria including the presence of an international school, quality of life, health care system, internet connection, proximity to airports with international flights, cost of living, active expat community and low crime rate, the Best European Destinations (EBD) organization has revealed its rankings for the top European places for American expats to live, invest, retire and create new projects.

11 Christmas Destinations in Greece

The mild winter in Greece offers generous helpings of sunshine to accompany country walks and add that extra touch of enjoyment to the celebrations in cities, villages and islands all over Greece.

8 Reasons to Visit Italy in Winter

Indeed, Italy is overweighed by a series of benefits - like unique festivals, great hotels & transportation, making it an ideal destination for all.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cathedrals in the World

Whether it's a Gaudí-designed masterpiece in Barcelona, Spain, or a cathedral in Milan, Italy, there's no denying the aesthetic draw of churches.

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