Incredible Places You Aren’t Allowed to Visit

Some of the world’s most fascinating places can be impossible – or nearly impossible – to get to. War, natural disasters and overtourism can turn a previously popular destination into a no-go area. But, sometimes, the reasons a place becomes off limits are quite bizarre – here we reveal the locations unlikely be on your bucket list any time soon...

7 Most Famous Greek Landmarks You Should Visit

Visiting Greece and popular Greek landmarks, you have an opportunity to explore the landscape that inspired great thinkers and inventors. You can also admire surviving structures from Greece’s golden age. Let's have a look at most popular landmarks in Greece, which you should definitely put on your Greece itinerary

The Best Quiet and Non-Touristy Greek Islands to Visit

Head off the tourist trail to discover the lesser-known loveliest of the Cyclades, where you can enjoy near-deserted beaches, friendly neighbourhood tavernas, pretty towns and wild sun-kissed hiking trails without another soul in sight. Just don’t tell anyone we told you.

10 Most Beautiful Coffee Shops in Venice

Visiting a Cafe in Venice is a must-do, regardless of how many times you've been to the city! The authentic coffee culture in Italy and the the historical significance of it is just the perfect itinerary to sneak in during the afternoon, rain or shine!

Beaches in Italy That Only Italians Know About

The boot-shaped peninsula is filled with breathtaking coastline–there’s so much more to an Italian beach holiday than the Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre. While these coastal destinations are stunning in their own right, check out this list of beaches where Italians have long been spending their summers.

The 10 Most Beautiful Buildings in Milan

Milan is booming. The city has a fabulous array of bars, restaurants, shops and attractions for the intrepid explorer to enjoy, and the gorgeous skyline is another string to this delightful bow. Milan has a brick-and-mortar reputation to some, but look a little closer, and you’ll find magic.

10 Best Authentic & Traditional Italian Desserts

From the top of the boot-shaped peninsula straight down to the toe, Italy has plenty of characteristic desserts that will take your taste buds on a wild ride. Here are ten that you absolutely must try on your next visit.

Where to Find the Clearest Turquoise Waters in Europe

Is your idea of paradise soft white sand beaches and clear blue waters? Shallow, warm seas lapping at your feet, exotic lagoons, the breeze gently ruffling your hair? You don’t need to leave Europe to find idyllic tropical-style waters.

These are Clearest Waters in Europe

The idea of dipping your feet into a crystal clear ocean is one many of us associate with far away destinations. The Caribbean, the Maldives, even as far as Australia. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the clearest waters in Europe so you don’t have to travel as far to make those dreams a reality.

10 Incredible Hilltop Towns in Italy

If your bucket list includes the experience of sitting in an Italian hilltop town, while sipping a glass of fine wine and gazing out over ancient olive groves, you're in luck. We’ve uncovered 10 places in Italy where you can do exactly that.

10 Not-So-Touristy Places to Visit in Europe

Whether you want to enjoy a city break without the crowds or go on a hiking trip through unspoiled forests, here are some amazing, non-touristy places in Europe that you should put on your bucket list.

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