Which are the Greenest Greek Islands?

Does your idea of paradise feature lush forest reflecting in emerald waters, the sound of cicadas, and the smell of pine and salt? If barren isles aren’t your style, and you like somewhere to hang your hammock, here are 10 of the greenest and most forested islands in Greece.

10 Best Greek Islands for Solo Travel

All of the Greek islands are amazing in their own way, but which are the best Greek islands for solo travel?

10 Colorful Places to Visit in Greece

Many towns in Greece are blessed with gorgeous Neoclassical buildings, often painted in chalky pastels and draped with foliage for good measure. Woodwork and windows are often painted in bright accents. Harbours are a riot of colours with their brightly painted fishing boats and equipment.

10 Beautiful Hidden Gems in Greece

Here are 10 incredible places away from the usual tourist track that are worth seeking out.

Which are the Best Greek Islands for Foodies?

Each island has its own unique charm, but which are the best Greek islands for food and wine lovers? These 10 won’t disappoint gastronomes, foodies and oenophiles.

10 Most Beautiful Cities in Greece

Most of Greece’s larger conurbations (Thessaloniki, Kalamata, Patras, Larissa, and yes Athens too) are post-war concrete explosions with endless apartments. That said, there are a number of cities with atmospheric historic quarters worth checking out on your travels.

10 Most Beautiful Islands in France

France is not a classic island destination, but it has a surprising number tucked away in its Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. But which are the most beautiful French islands?

These Small Italian Islands could be COVID-free in Time for Summer Holidays

Italy has announced plans to vaccinate all residents on the country’s holiday islands as a matter of urgency to help kickstart local economies dependent on tourism.

The Most Beautiful Italian Coastal Towns

With rows of coloured houses blanketing dramatic cliff faces, these spots are easy on the eye from the sea, too. We list 10 of the most gorgeous Italian coastal communes guaranteed to spark romance in your soul.

The 10 Best Beaches in the South of France

The South of France is popular for a reason – it’s one of the most luxurious destinations out there! From the star-studded glam of Cannes and St Tropez to the luscious landscape of the rural interior, visitors never take long to catch on, after all, relaxation is pretty high on the agenda here.

10 Photos That prove Climate Change is Not a Joke

We want to show and tell you what is happening to our home right now, and we encourage you to join us in our most important mission of this century — saving our planet.

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