When it comes to a magical, romantic destination, Venice is always part of one’s itinerary. Some explore different spots in Venice because of local foods and beverages, while others prefer cruising the Grand Canal.

Not everyone has a chance to visit this incredible place, but don’t worry, there are plenty of places that look like Venice. Instead of feeling frustrated, pack your things, and head your way to these destinations.

Bruges, Belgium

Everyone would be mesmerized with the medieval buildings, cobblestoned streets, and dreamy canals of Bruges, and it is just an hour train ride from Brussels.

This town is like a fairytale with horse-drawn carriages, soaring bells towers, and picturesque courtyard.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s oldest part was once a bustling hive of interesting activities and is connected to the sea. A lot of sailors used to have frequent visits to this destination, so it’s no wonder why there are plenty of brothels and taverns available.

Empuriabrava, Spain

Your trip to Spain is never complete without visiting Empuriabrava and feel the Grand Canal vibe even you are not in Italy. This tourist destination comes with more than 15 miles of canals where you can enjoy the picture-perfect scenery.

Annecy, France

Annecy has romance and magic written all over its cathedrals, castles, and pastel-colored houses, and considered one of the most beautiful European destinations for culture, history, and architecture. This wonderful alpine town also attracts travels due to its winding canals and mountain-fringed lakes.

Utrecht, Netherlands

The waterways of Utrecht are dotted with numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops, which makes it more interesting and convenient for many visitors.

The wharves used to be accommodated medieval merchant ships and now serve as terrace space and patio.

Stockholm, Sweden

Spreading out more than 14 islands, Stockholm offers museums, palaces, and grand buildings that proudly tells a rich 700-year history. While exploring different bridges, visitors can hit up designer boutiques, cafes, and restaurants.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Being the cultural center of Russia, St Petersburg is a great place to watch classical ballet and explore masterpieces from the famous Hermitage.

While crossing many bridges or cruising down the canals, the sights of the metropolis will always draw romance and relaxation.