Do you want to spend your next summer vacation in Italy?

If so, then book a stay at Hotel Citta Del Mare in Sicily and experience its water slide that will drop you into the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea!

If you and your family love waterslides, then never miss the adrenaline rush brought by the super slide at Hotel Citta Del Mare. As you reach the end of the water slide, you have the best moment to get shot into warm, beautiful waters.

When you stay at the Citta Del Mare, a popular hotel village, you can choose from a variety of activities. Apart from the super slide, this hotel village takes pride in its water sports options such as canoeing, windsurfing, and sailing.

Overall, visitors can enjoy more than 20 activities. The hotel has a total of 800 rooms, and the prices are reasonable, starting at 60 EUR per night.

A lot of vacationers across the world choose the hotel village when visiting Sicily because of the water slide. The slides are situated on the right side of a beautiful Italian cliff. You can get in either from the first or second level.

After each slide, you can swim across the pools and then climb up a ladder to the next one to do another slide until you drop into the Mediterranean Sea.

The holiday resort also offers an Olympic-sized swimming pool that you can find at the resort’s different part. From there, you can go swimming and playing.

The Hotel Citta Del Mare comes with awesome water slides, a perfect destination for a never-before summer vacation. From comfortable accommodation to incredible water sports activities, you and your loved ones will enjoy the entire vacation.

So, are you ready to take a slide and experience a Mediterranean plunge?