Do you love going to water parks? Are you planning to visit the world’s biggest water park for your next vacation? If yes, then head your way to Berlin, Germany, and enjoy the best of Tropical Islands Resort.

Outside the Tropical Islands Resort is humid and warm temperatures, while outside are is freezing. This biggest indoor water park accommodates numerous visitors and keeps them warm all-year-round. It caters vacationers of all kinds. In fact, kids can enjoy a water play table, a waterslide, and a paddling area with toys.

The Tropical Islands Resort hosts up to 6,000 guests at a time with its area of more than 16 acres, which is more than the size of six city blocks. This water park comes with different themed areas, such as:

The Tropical Village: This themed area features copies of traditional buildings from Bali, Samoa, Borneo, and Thailand.
The Rainforest: This themed area offers about 50,000 plants with different 600 species that include some of the rare plants in the world.

The Tropical Sea
In this themed area, you will find a 140-meter pool that looks like waters of a coral island and a 200-meter sandy beach.

The Bali Lagoon
This lagoon has an area of 1,200 square meters and a depth of less than one meter. It offers whirlpools, fountains, the current canal, and two water slides.

The Amazonia
This outdoor area has a kiosk, beach soccer, and beach volleyball field, sunbathing area, and two large pools.

If visitors want to experience air hockey, miniature cars, and bumper boats, the Tropino Club is a perfect spot for them. Kids will not only enjoy the waterslides because bigger ones are available for parents.

For your next tropical-themed vacation in Germany, do not forget to make the Tropical Islands Resorts part of your bucket list. Regardless of the time of the year, this water park will make you feel the heat of summer!