10Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

A lot of Norway, including the Atlantic Ocean Road, gives you a breathtaking scene. While some of this road is perfectly safe to drive along, another part is incredibly dangerous. The deadliest portion of the road spans 5.2 miles or 8 kilometers. It goes from Utheim on Averøy and passes through an archipelago in Møre og Romsdal county on its way to the mainland.

The dangers of this road stem from both its angle and the ocean. The bridge rises nearly 300 meters at an odd angle. During the winter months, the bridge’s curves create a wind tunnel. On top of that, the ocean pummels this stretch of land. If you aren’t lucky and drive along the road in a storm, your life may be at risk. For reference, just during construction in 1983, that portion of the road had at least a dozen storms. So, the risk is far from minor.