10Zeugma Mosaic Museum in Turkey

The Zeugma Mosaic Museum is located in Gaziantep (Turkey) and has the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world, which together cover an area of ​​2448 m². Interestingly, further parts of the complex are to be put into operation, on which further mosaics will be visible.

The most popular mosaic is the so-called “Gypsy”, which was unveiled (from under the column) between 1998 and 1999. Interestingly, this mosaic was largely demolished and taken out of Turkey as early as the 1960s. In 2018, however, some of the mosaic fragments were lost. Scientists gave the mosaic the name” Gypsy” because of the characteristic clothing and round earrings. It is believed, however, that the mosaic shows either one of Menadas (companion of Dionysus) or Gaia – the goddess of the earth.