A photographer has captured footage of a once in a lifetime encounter between a bear and a wolf while out taking photos in Yellowstone Park.

Seth Royal Kroft, from Montana, heard that a huge grizzly bear had killed a large bull elk, so he figured there would be other animals hoping to get in on the action.
The park, which is mostly in Wyoming, also spreads into parts of Montana and Idaho too – to give you an idea of the sprawling size of the area he tracked to find the incredible encounter.
He saw the sun start to rise slowly over the river and when the mist cleared, Seth spotted his chance to take an amazing video and photos. And although both animals are natural killers, the grizzly wasn’t even slightly worried about the wolf.
The photographer said that while he was watching he noticed four times when the wolf tried to take on the bear – but to no avail. It soon retreated back into the woods.
Pretty impressive, eh? Seth knew from a young age that he had a love for wildlife photography. He started out with just a single camera body.
He added: “I just took pictures of whatever animal I encountered.

“Looking back, my early wildlife photos were atrocious, but that’s how you learn and grow. It was only recently that I actually purchased a ‘wildlife’ lens.”