Have you ever heard of the Orient Express?
Not yet? As one of the most romantic trains, the Orient Express could make your escapade one of a kind, remarkable, and very special.

More than the history, the Orient Express is unique in its class.
From the finery, elegant carriages to champagne, this luxury vintage train would take your experience to another level.
After years of waiting, the Orient Express finally left Venice to London from March 27 to 29 this year. It passed thru Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, and England, too. Everyone witnessed the Alps, picturesque mountain lakes, stunning attractions, and more.

The Orient Express has given travelers a historical experience they would cherish for years. As you get in, the luxury train would take you in the past, enabling everyone to know the culture in the 1920s.
Before the journey started at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice, guests participated in a Great Gatsby style party. Then, they were given a double-room cabin with surprise parties onboard and other venues throughout the escapade.

The Orient Express is different. It is full of vintage designs, classic pieces of furniture, and majestic architecture. More than the vintage and historical styles, there’s a team of accommodating, friendly, certified, and experienced professionals.

The customer support is vintage-like but won’t give you a hard time. Every staff on board is dedicated, approachable, and skilled.

How about the costs? Well, you need to pay at least €4,500 per person. Yes, it might break your bank. But a night at the Belmond Hotel, food, drinks, and other events make everything worthwhile and meaningful.

Riding in the historic train, on the other hand, is more than enough.
Start your journey from Venice to London with the Orient Express.