Currently, the NGO “Give Power” installed a solar plant that can transform ocean water into drinking water. It’s a great innovation that helps 25.000 people a day to bring fresh drinking water.

The NGO ” Give Power” had its pilot test in August this year. In Kiunga, a small town in Kenya, they successfully installed a new solar plant that transforms saline water into fresh drinking water.
It brought a significant improvement in the lives of the residents of the town. Since their test was successful, “Give Power” is planning the technology in other parts of the world. The two water plants provided fresh water for 25.000 people.
Using solar energy is a perfect long term solution because the desalination process is very power consuming and very expressive.

The “Solar Water Power” in Kiunga that produces solar energy using solar panels can produce 50 kilowatts of electricity.

Before the installment, people from Kenya had to walk more than one hour to get some drinking water. They used to wash their clothes and bathe themselves in salty water, which is very harsh on the skin. They were forced to did this because every drop of fresh water was so precious.

People were happy because of the installment because, in this way, they got fresh drinking water, and it also saved them from various diseases.