Forget the city life for a while and enjoy a beach holiday escapade. Are you wondering about the stunning beach in the world?

Well, it is Elafonissi. The following is a brief explanation for those who want to know more about the said windswept beach.
First, the term Elafonissi means “deer island.” You can find it 76 kilometers away from the city of Chania. Many visitors are amazed by its beauty and started to be called a unique island. The Natura 2000 Program protects the beach.

It needs thorough and strict protection since, aside from humans, many unique species of animals also visit the place. Each specie comes with unique flora, like cedars and lilies.
If you don’t have the talents in swimming or just prefer sitting on the seashore with your loved ones, this is also a perfect place for you. There is an area on the beach that forms a stunning lagoon featuring warm and shallow waters.

On the other hand, if you love swimming with your friends and families, this is also a perfect destination for you – thanks to its calm and flat waters. You will also enjoy playing on its sugary-granules of white sands.
You need to visit this place if you are looking for an environment that will make you feel more relaxed and calmer. Aside from that, there are also lots of things you can do in the place, such as boating and many others.

The beaches you can find in Elafonissi are perfect for a wide range of people. This is because the place comes with secludes and small spaces, as well as the fully organized ones. Not only that. Another thing that may amaze you is knowing that the place also features various amazing monuments.

Are you tired of the busy life in the city? Does your body look for some relaxation and enjoyment? Well, Elafonissi is the best place that will soothe not just physically but also mentally. The marvelous chapel of Agia Eirini is also located near the beach.

The ocean view is truly breathtaking. Overnights and bonfires are allowed in the area for as long as you will be a responsible visitor. Feel relaxed on the paradise of sands and waves. Enjoy your morning coffee near the seashore with your loved one as you talk about life and your future together. How romantic!