10Egypt’s Blue Hole, Dahab, and Sinai, Egypt

Probably the most dangerous dive site in the world is located in Egypt. Known to most as the ‘Diver’s Cemetery’ this unbelievable attraction is known for ‘the arch’ which is a passageway to open waters, located approximately 56m below the surface.

The recommended depth for any scuba diver is 30m. When a diver gets that deep, nitrogen narcosis begins to set in which can alter the diver’s judgment, rendering them unable to make fast and good decisions. Nitrogen narcosis can cause disorientation and even a loss of consciousness. Unfortunately for some, this increase of nitrogen bubbles within the bloodstream can mean that the diver can miss the opening of ‘the arch’ and continue descending to their death. Approximately 150 divers have lost their lives at this location, over the past 15 years.