One of the trendiest news on the internet today is the buildup of a unique and pyramid-like shape in the Antarctic mountain.
Keep on reading to discover this discovery by the theorists.

For the past few years, the History Channel launched their discovery through their famous show “Ancient Aliens.” The remarkable history we are talking about is the pyramid constructed under the cold snow in Antarctica.

The news was written by a popular author named Joseph White, and also with the help of his co-writers. They are the one who examined the satellite images thoroughly.

For their first try of picture analysis, they found out that the structure comes with the angles and shape of a pyramid and is believed to be constructed artificially.
On the other hand, some people are still wondering if the ancient civilization made the discovery. Not only that, but they also created a theory that aliens and other things roaming around the space also have something to do with this.

The pyramid-like mountain does not have a name. This is one of the main reasons the Ellsworth Mountains in Antarctica gained a lot of visitors from every corner of the world. Lincoln Ellsworth, who is an American aviator, is the first person who found out about the amazing pyramid construction way back in 1935 on November 23.

According to a professor at the University of California, namely Eric Rignot, the mountain is just a typical mountain that imitates the shape and looks of a pyramid.

He also added that a mountain could look like a pyramid. Specifically, since it is located in the Ellsworth Mountains, which is popular because of the accumulation of extraordinary fossils, such as the Cambrian-period trilobites, it is not impossible to find discovery in the said area.

Joseph Whites, together with his colleagues, think that the pyramid was constructed because of the extraterrestrial civilization. But, there is still a high chance that the ancient human civilization that becomes the residents of the said area has something to do with its construction. But, because this discovery is under the ice of Antarctica for more than 12 million years, humans can impossibly build it by themselves.

For your information, the pyramid-like mountain has a height of approximately 4,150 feet, which is not too tall. We hope you have learned something about the pyramid hidden in Antarctica.