To know the building that can be considered to be the amazing building constructed in the world, BSNS Insider conducted a voting poll among the professional architects.

According to poll, most of the popular and amazing experts in this field considered the Parthenon to stand out among the stunning buildings located around the globe. The temple can be found at the Acropolis hill that is located at the center of Athens. Why is it considered to be the most beautiful building in the world?
Well, it only took five years for the workers to construct the building, and it was all started during the governance of great Pericles.
Two people designed the building, namely architects Callicrates and Ictinus. The construction of the building would not be possible without the help of Phidias, a most known sculptor. People believed that during the Persian Wars in Athens, Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom, saved the said city. So, people start to build the temple to acknowledge Athena.

TIt is the only temple that followed the Doric order. It is considered to be a popular building because it comes with archways and columns that feature images and sculptures entailing the picture of Ancient Greece.

This could amaze tourists who will come to visit the temple. Athena Parthenos, which is marvelous ivory and golden statue, can be found inside the temple. The sculpture means “Virgin Athena.”
According to the Business Insider architects, the said temple is the only building that was formed the cradle and milestone of Democracy. They also acknowledge the Erectheion, which is one of the stunning Acropolis remains.

For the past decades, Parthenon is still standing with pride and honor at the center of Athens. It is located at the hill, which encourages visitors to visit and enjoy the beauty of the site. It is considered to be the landmark of the civilization in Greece.

If you are a certified wanderer and looking for an attractive destination you can visit for your next tour, do not forget to include the Parthenon on your list.