San Cassiano, Dolomites

San Cassiano transforms into a skiing paradise while it becomes a hiker’s haven during summertime, and the mountains give a gorgeous backdrop to the town.
Apart from well-preserved dwellings and World War I relics, visitors spend their entire day in the Path of Meditation.

Gardens of Bomarzo, Viterbo, Lazio

These gardens were created back in the 16th century when the wife of the architect died and carved mythical creatures and spooky sculptures as a way of dealing with grief. It is commonly known as the “Park of Monsters,” and one of the inscriptions was designed to set the heart free.

Val d’Orcia, Tuscany

This Tuscany popular destination is dotted with ancient fortresses and castles and photogenic villages and offers a grand barely-touched landscape. Besides, people flock to this region for wines and visit different vineyards.

Cascate delle Marmore, Umbria

Ancient Romans built this world’s tallest man-made waterfalls, and its flow can be turned on and off, which usually takes place at 4 PM. Catching the rainbow of Mamore and white-water rafting are among of the phenomenal activities when visiting the waterfalls.

Giardino di Ninfa, Lazio

Giardino di Ninfa was once a busy town during the Medieval era. Still, after tough decades of internal struggles as well as a malaria outbreak, the locals left their homes.
In the 1990s, this place was rediscovered and transformed, and travelers enjoy the castle’s moat and plants entwining with the ruins.

Alberobello, Puglia

Visiting Alberobello lets visitors explore cone-topped buildings that are used as restaurants, shops, and homes, and really look like fairytale dwellings.
Originally built as a tax dodge with distinctive styles, these buildings were considered as Unesco World Heritage site.

Castello Scagliero, Lake Garda

Built-in the 12th century, Castello Scagliero was originally a fortress, and it offers a picture-perfect scenery and mesmerizing views over the lake.
You will find a drawbridge that acts as the entrance to Sirmione and considered as one of the lake fortification examples.

Isola di Loreto, Lake Iseo

Iseo is one of the grand and glamorous lakes in Italy, and it gains more popularity among visitors. Originally a convent island, Isola di Loreta is now a private island, so travelers cannot visit it, but the view from afar is already breathtaking.

Lake Carezza, South Tyrol

With the glistening colors that were set against the mountain top, Lake Carezza is undoubtedly one of the most favorites spots for fairytale vibe. From emerald to turquoise colors, this lake is filled with mystery and a magical atmosphere.